In case you haven’t figured out already from my website, my name is Foster McLane and I like computers. I typically describe myself as a computer enthusiast and enjoy almost everything to do with computers, from low-level logic circuits to high-level programming. Of that, I am especially interested in embedded programming, operation systems, program security, network security, and network protocols.

I help run the cyber security club at Clemson University and give a lot of presentations on network security and network protocols. Additionally, I help run the ACM student chapter at Clemson University, though I am considerably less involved in that.

Outside of my computer enthusiasm, I like making and playing music, baking confections, prototyping devices, reading webcomics, playing video games, folding paper, reading short stories and books, reading Wikipedia, watching movies, riding my bicycle, and playing tabletop RPGs and board games.

Here, I’ll post stuff including any particular thoughts I have that I would like to share, releases of programs I write, information that others might find useful, and, on occasion, critical pieces which might sometimes be considered “rants”. Also, I irrationally love Clippy. Hopefully Microsoft won’t sue me for putting his likeness on my website and business cards.